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About the center

About CNTP | The center​​

About the Center

The Center for NVR Therapy and Practice was founded in 2021 to disseminate NonViolent Resistance Therapy (or Presence Therapy) in the Americas. Our mission is to teach useful NVR knowledge, promote its growth and set standards for its practice. As the first NVR training center School to open in the Americas, we approach this task with openness, humility, confidence, and commitment:


Openness to change, to introspection, to the complex diversity of cultures in the American continents, and to innovation

Humility towards those whom we teach and learn from

Confidence in the healing value of community driven, non-escalating, and autonomous resistance to harm.

Commitment  - to creating safe and nurturing learning environments.

Our goals are to:

  • Train therapists and other practitioners in NVR

  • Foster a community of NVR practitioners in Canada and the USA

  • Support innovation in NVR theory and practice

  • Develop a curriculum of NVR training programs

  • Facilitate the flow of existing NVR thought and expereince into the Americas.

  • Offer certification in NVR practice


The Center is privately owned and is based in Calgary, Alberta.

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