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  • Do you offer workshops or therapy for parents, or only train professionals?"
    CNTP currently offers continuing education training in NVR for professionals. We hope to offer psychoeducation and therapy referrals for parents and other caregivers down the road. Certain members of CNTP’s offer NVR therapy privately, within their respective jurisdictions.
  • Where can I find an NVR therapist in Canada or the USA?
    CNTP’s primary goal is to begin training licensed practitioners in both countries, to address the growing demand for NVR interventions. Currently there are not that many. Contact us to see how we can help.
  • What is the relationship between CNTP and Partnership Projects Ltd. UK ?
    The Center for NVR Therapy and Practice and Partnership Projects Ltd. UK are separate entities, based in Canada and in the UK respectively. Both deliver NVR trainings and certifications in their respective territories and are independent of each other.
  • Do you offer individual supervision?
    CNTP does not offer supervision,but does offer NVR mentoring and case consultations to professionals around the world. Contact us for more details
  • Do you offer in-agency courses?
    Yes, CNTP offers training both to independent practitioners and agencies wishing to train their staff. Contact us for more information on our agency-based options.
  • Are courses accredited for Continuing Education accreditation?
    We are taking steps to gain Continuing Education accreditation of our courses, by major professional associations in the USA and in Canada. As of now, our curriculum is not specifically accredited for continuing education by any organization.
  • Is CNTP accredited by another body, e.g. the UK based NVR Association?
    CNTP was founded by internationally recognised leaders in the field of NVR therapy. Rather than become accredited by an existing organisation, we are positioned to create accreditation standards for other organisations. Thus, we are not accredited by the UK based NVR Association or NVR UK, however one of us (Peter Jakob) is co-founder of both organisations. As NVR spreads in North America, we will eventually support the creation of North Amrican public accrediting body.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    CNTP offers a scholarship discounts to applicants who may not be able to afford the full training fee. In cases where there is more than one applicant, CNTP will either choose which applicant to award the discount to, or split the discount between applicants. Decision making Decisions will be made based: a. On our perception that the applicant’s situation will not enable them to pay the full fee; b. On our perception that a given applicant is in greater or equal need of discount than other applicants. We reserve the right to award or refrain from awarding scholarship discounts per a given cohort. Normally we would award one scholarship to people in need per more than five and less than 11 registrants in particular cohort, and another one per the next ten. We may chose to split scholarships. Final decisions will be made two weeks before the start of a course. Applying for the Scholarship discount First, register for the course. Then write an email message to stating your background, your interest in NVR, and the circumstances on which your request for a scholarship is based. Decisions are in made in good faith. We will not be asking to see financial or other documents in support of your request.
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