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Special announcement

On April 3, 2024, CNTP will announce its next-generation training framework. The content of this page will change accordingly.  

The Center for NVR Therapy and Practice offers agencies and independent therapists a complete NVR training program, leading from Foundation Level to Certification of NVR Practice. The program’s three level training will be rolled out gradually during 2022-2023.



The Foundation Level course introduces practitioners to NVR’s principles and practices. Participants learn how to conduct integral interventions in relatively simple settings as well as to discover how NVR can be useful in conjunction with their existing practices.


The Advanced Level 1 course extends the participants’ NVR competencies to face increasingly complex and chaotic challenges, involving the family in its larger social environment, with a focus on a specialised context of problems and populations.


(Certification of practice) 

The Advanced Level 2 course allows students to further evolve their lived sense of NVR, preparing them to autonomously and creativity apply NVR’s generic principles in dynamic, ambivalent, unpredictable, and complex settings.

CNTP’s Overall Admission and Eligibility Policy


In NVR we never walk alone. The success of any NVR endeavour, whether a therapy, a practice, or a parental campaign, critically depends on the mutual support of parents, other caregivers, educators, neighbors, social workers, law enforcers, para-professionals, extended families, and community organisations. CNTP’s Foundation Level course aims to create an inclusive, nurturing and safe learning space, where many voices can come together to learn how to caringly stand against harm.

Advanced levels 1 and 2, on the other hand, clearly privilege NVR as a therapy. In the future, we hope to diversify our program to include advanced, non-therapeutic practices, as well as add-on and standalone modules that support the diversity of roles and identities involved in NVR interventions.

Admission policy
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