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Standalone elective courses in applied-NVR and NVR-informed practices by leading innovators in the field

Contactivity | SPACE | Adult Entrenched Dependence | Child, Attachment and Trauma-focused NVR... and more

Course Information

NVR innovation never stops. Benefit from the wisdom of NVR's internationally recognised innovators. CNTP's masterlcasses are mostly standlaone, and can be taken independently of other CNTP courses. Some instructors may add special admission requirements.

The following classes will begin rolling out in August 2024: 

Contactivity: using NVR to overcome Avoidance 

Uri-photo (1)_edited.jpg

Dr. Uri Weinblatt

Contactivity is an NVR-based therapy that helps parents help children who avoid to reconnect to themslves, to others and to groups. 

Available in 2024 

SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions*  

Available in 2024 

E_Lebowitz_MG_6185_pref 3_edited.jpg

Dr. Eli Lebowitz

SPACE is a NVR-informed parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. 

Child, Family and Trauma-focused NVR

Available in 2024 

Dr. Peter Jakob

Learn how to apply NVR principles to working with trauma, multi-stress, and attachment difficulties in families.   

*) SPACE trainings are provided directly by the SPACE training center and are recognised as elligible for master class credits within CNTP's certification framework 

Working with families of non-emergent adults 

Dan Dulberger

Millions of young adults live in extreme emotional and material dependence on their accommodating parents. This NVR application helps parents de-accommodate caringly, together.   

Basic Training in Neuro-De-escalation

Dr. Christoph Goettle

Neuro De-escalation is an NVR-informed, "Hot-Iron" intervention designed to prevent escalation and its devastating effects and transform its high-risk moments into opportunities for healing and reattachment.

Available in 2024 

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