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Group Supervision
For Foundation Level Course Particpants


Training | Group supervision​​

CNTP offers individual and group supervision to therapists and other practitioners, either as part of their training with CNTP, or independently. For information on individual supervision, please contact us

Group Supervision for Foundation Level course participants

CNTP's first supervision group to launch in 2022 will support the participants of our Foundation Level course during the three-month practice interval between the 3rd and 4th training days. Unlike the peer group assignment of the Foundation Level, participation in this supervision group is not part of the course’s mandatory requirements. It is offered as an extra-curricular activity which some participants may find beneficial.


Group goals

This group has two main goals: a. Obtain guidance from an experienced NVR practitioner on how to integrate the Foundation Level course learnings into your daily practice; b. Acquire a lived sense of NVR’s core value: taking part in a group of caregivers who caringly stand against harm, together.


Duration and Dates and Sequence 

3 meetings, 2 hours each, or 6 hours in total. Meetings will take place once per month, on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2023

  • Tuesday, March 7, 2023

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2023


All trainings will take place via Zoom for as long as COVID restrictions hold. 

Group size

Minimum 4 participants, maximum 8.


Dan Dulberger, RMFT-S


Certification and accreditation

Participants will receive an attestation of supervision hours. These hours will also count as group supervision hours towards certification in NVR practice, once we launch our Advanced Level 2 course.


​Fees and terms

​$60 CAD per hour, per participant, X 6 hours = $360 CAD / $295 USD (including exchange fees and commissions)

Commitment to 6 hours

Participants who will choose to opt out of the group after the first session out of the three will receive a refund for the remaining two meetings.

Participation requirements

This group is open to participants of the foundation level course. 

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