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Become certified in NVR as a clinician, para-clinician or non-clinician


Develop your lived sense of NVR, prepare to autonomously and creatively apply NVR’s generic principles in dynamic, ambivalent and uncertain therapy settings


CNTP certification attests that its holder has completed CNTP’s certification requirements and is seen by CNTP as competent to assist caregivers whether in a clinical, paraclinical, or non-clinical capacity. For a more detailed description please download our certification guide.  


Whom do we certify?

CNTP offers three certificate types: 

  1. Certificate of NVR Therapy - for clinicians. Examples include: Clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical social workers, family therapists, psychiatrists, nurses.

  2. Certificate of NVR Para-clinical Practice - for Para-clinical practitioners, that is professional caregivers who work in clinical settings, in close ongoing collaboration with, or under supervision of clinicians. Examples include: lived experience practitioners working in clinical settings (LEPs), residential treatment frontline workers, foster home support staff.

  3. Certificate of NVR Practice - for non-clinical practitioners. Examples include: probation officers, K-12 educational staff, law enforcement officers, residential youth workers, foster parents, and lived experience parent coaches working in non-clinical settings.
















Certification requires completion of coursework and a  practicum, depending on whether you are a clinical, a para-clinical or a non-clinical practitioner. 

Coursework requirements:

Practicum requirements:

Program structure

Practicum structure:

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