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Expanded horizons in NonViolent Resistance therapy and practice


Learn how to work with increasingly complex challenges involving the family in its larger social environment.

Course Information

The Advanced NVR course expands Foundation learning to challenges of greater complexity, wider systemic settings, and a deeper acquaintance with NVR's extensive toolbox and wide range of applications.   

The course goes beyond Foundation Level’s didactic step-by-step model into the complex, non-linear realities of acute crises, extreme behaviors, unpredictable developments and outcomes, and multiple stresses on the family and therapeutic systems. It teaches how to acknowledge and work with the wider social ecosystems of which clients and their presenting problems form part, such as an extended family, multiple agencies involved in the case, an employer, a spiritual affiliation, or a neighborhood. This recognition becomes part of planning and carrying out an NVR intervention.

What you will learn

During the Advanced NVR course, participants learn how to:

  • Conduct an NVR intake 

  • Onboard parents, helping them shift paradigms and self-center

  • Help parents learn to self-control, self-regulate, non-escalate, de-escalate, and co-regulate on the way to re-regulation.  

  • Help parents learn about shame disregulation and how to regulate their own shame  

  • Help consolidate social support for the parents' self-empowerment plan. 

  • Support siblings

  • Teach parents how to use reconciliation/relational gestures

  • Help parents master techniques such as parental disobedience, de-accommodation, setting presence footprints in high-risk spaces,  conducting sit-ins, breaking away from coercion, ‘Constructive sensorship’ 

  • Set up resistance to harmful practices in the wider system and cope with their resistance to NVR   

  • Identify and overcome barriers to implementation

  • Consider cultural backgrounds in relation to NVR implementation

  • Reflect on their NVR practice 

Dates, duration, and sequence 

The course spans 12 X 3.5 hr weekly meetings, or 42 hours in total, over a period of 3 months.

Next course starts on September 25, 2024.


Course dates:

  • 25  SEPT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 2  OCT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 9  OCT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 16 OCT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 23 OCT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 30 OCT. 2024, (WED.)

  • 6 NOV. 2024, (WED.)

  • 13  NOV. 2024, (WED.)

  • 20 NOV. 2024, (WED.)

  • 27 NOV. 2024, (WED.)

  • 4 DEC. 2024, (WED.)

  • 11 DEC. 2024, (WED.)



All trainings will take place via Zoom. 

​Group size:

Minimum 10, maxiumum 15 


Dan Dulberger (RMFT-SM), Dr. Peter Jakob, Mary-Jo LAND (R. Psy, ON.)   


An Advanced NVR certificate of attendance* will be provided to participants. Please note that an Advanced NVR training certificate does not certify NVR competence 


In Canada: $1,900 CAD + 5% GST | In the USA: $1403 USD (USD/CAD rate fluctuations possible) 

Eligibility for participation

  1. Succesful completion of the Foundation Level course.

  2. Registration as either of the following:

a) A clinician in a profession such as: Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, clinical social work, family therapy, art therapy, psychiatry, nursing; or:

b) Para-clinical practitioners, i.e. any professionals working in clinical settings, in close ongoing collaboration with or under supervision of clinicians, such as:  lived experience practitioners working in clinical settings (LEPs), residential treatment frontline workers, foster home support staff.


In certain cases, a personal interview with the candidate will also be required.


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