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Advanced Level 2 Training 
Certification in NonViolent Resistance Therapy


Special announcement

On April 3, 2024, CNTP will announce its next-generation training framework. The content of this page will change accordingly.  

Course information 

Intended mainly for licensed or registered therapists, the Advanced Level 2 module offers eligible students the opportunity to clinically observe and practice NVR work under supervision, as part of their certification requirements. The module fosters students’ ability to autonomously apply NVR’s generic principles to new situations and contexts and create new transferable knowledge.

During this phase, practitioners will develop and present a case project, focusing on an application context of their choice. Students who successfully complete AL-2 and its related assignments will be certified as NVR Practitioners.

More information on certification will made available bt the end of 2023.  


  • Provide a platform for acquiring NVR practice experience under mentoring,

  • Help develop a conveyable felt sense of presence as caring resistance

  • Foster creativity and innovation in developing new technique, or addressing new contexts of application

  • Identify new synergies between NVR and other approaches/practices

  • Adopt a multi-systemic perspective on casework


The course spans an entire year, and includes the following engagements:

  • 5 X 6 hour practice orientated study days, or 30 hours in total, divided into two blocks, a 2-day block in the beginning and a 3 day block at the end of the course

  • 5 hours of in-group observation of NVR casework, by a CNTP accredited NVR mentor

  • 40 client contact hours

  • 5 hours of live mentoring

  •  10 Hours of mentoring (non-live, individual or group)

  • Submission of a 2000-word paper describing your project

Further details will be provided in the course of 2022. 

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